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How Does A Lighting Rod Work

If a building is struck by lightning fire can occur and electrocute anyone who is close by. Since lightning is a force of nature and is quite unpredictable people cannot tell when it will strike next, so it is vital to put measures that protect both people and buildings. There is a simple device known as a rod or a finial which can guard all sorts of buildings against being destroyed during a storm. A lightning rod or a finial is a metal rod that is fitted on top of tall buildings or other structures such as bridges and ships that need protection from lightning.

These metallic rods can take many shapes ranging from rounded, pointed and flat. The lightning rod can either be hollow, solid or have bristles similar to those of brushes; it depends on the preference of an individual. It does not matter what shape they come in, they all work in a similar manner to draw the electrical charges from a lightning strike and divert the energy by transferring it to the ground using a wire attached to the device.

The lightning rod depends on three elements to transfer the charges to the ground, the metal rod, the wire, and a ground absorber. When the rod is hit by lightning, the electricity travels to the ground via a conductive material. The ground also referred as the earth is another piece of metal that is directed to the real ground. If the lightning rod works as expected then that means that the building will be protected every time there is a thunderstorm. The homeowners should still check their house for any damage after the lightning hits the rod since a lot of energy has been transferred.

If a building is very tall, that means it needs more protection, so it uses a system of networked devices that are connected using conductors, supports and connectors. These conductors are then connected to the ground to send the electricity charges to the ground as quick as possible.

A lightning rod is something every homeowner should consider investing in as it provides the extra sense of protection. All homeowners should find out whether their home insurance plan covers lightning protection as that way you will know who will be liable in case lightning strikes. If you reside in areas like Florida that are more prone to thunderstorms then it is a good idea to invest in a good lightning rod that will protect your structure.

If you have a small structure, you should still install a finial because that way you will have a piece of mind and your home will be protected. This simple device has given many homeowners a piece of mind as they know they are safe during a thunderstorm.

Discovering The Truth About Companies

Discovering The Truth About Companies